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Mini Micro Deluxe LED

Mini Micro Deluxe LED

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The MICRO Mini Deluxe LED is an innovative iteration of the popular children's scooter, explicitly designed to offer fun and safety during twilight hours. It retains its predecessors' durable construction and intuitive "lean-to-steer" mechanism but introduces a new feature: integrated LED lights. These lights, embedded within the deck and handlebars, provide increased visibility for the rider during low-light conditions.

Whether it's a late evening ride in the park or a foggy morning scoot to school, the LED lights ensure that children are both seen and safe. Paired with its adjustable handlebars and a range of vibrant colours, the MICRO Mini Deluxe LED combines style, safety, and functionality into a single package ideal for young adventurers.

Age Range 2 - 5
Max Load 50kg
Weight 1.95kg
Wheel Size 120/80mm
Handlebar Height 49-68cm
Deck Width 11cm
Deck Length 51cm
Foot Area Length 30cm
Ground Clearance 3cm

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