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JIVR Scooter

JIVR Scooter

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Li-ion 36V 6.4Ah battery, equivalent to 230Wh
2-hour full charge time at 42V 2A.
Delivers up to 20 km of riding range.

The JIVR Scooter isn't just any scooter; it's an innovative masterpiece where style meets function, all in a sleek electric kick scooter designed for urban living. Created with the modern commuter in mind, it's lightweight, foldable, and meticulously engineered for city life.


  • Efficient Motor: Powered by a 350W motor with an impressive peak power of 750W, ensuring zippy acceleration and torque for your urban adventures.

  • Legal Speed Limit: With a top speed of 25 km/h (compliant with street legal limits), the JIVR Scooter promises an exhilarating yet safe journey through the city.

  • Battery Magic: This scooter is equipped with a Li-ion 36V 6.4Ah battery, equivalent to 230Wh, providing a convenient 2-hour full charge time at 42V 2A. Its compact yet smart battery system delivers up to 20 km of riding range.

  • Lightweight Marvel: Weighing in at just 13 kg, the JIVR Scooter is incredibly lightweight and portable while boasting an impressive load capacity of 120 kg.

  • Tyres for All Terrains: Fitted with 10-inch pneumatic tires, this scooter can easily handle diverse terrains.

  • Hill-Climbing Prowess: Conquer inclines with confidence, thanks to the scooter's hill-climbing capacity of 15-20°.

    The JIVR Scooter is the epitome of style, power, and safety, designed for the urban explorer who expects nothing but the best. Step into the future of city commuting with the JIVR Scooter.

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