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Micro Scooter Bike Ribbons

Micro Scooter Bike Ribbons

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  • Easy to attach - plug into the end of your handlebars
  • Durable, weatherproof ribbon
  • 30 ribbon strands in each pack

Scoot around in style thanks to our fantastic new ribbons for your Mini, Maxi Micro or Cruiser Scooter! Easy to attach, and in a cool rainbow pattern, you'll be the envy of your entire scooter crew.

Ribbons are only compatible with scooters with Rubber Grips: Mini2go, Mini/Maxi Classic, Mini/Maxi Micro Deluxe, Cruiser & Sprite DELUXE.

Unfortunately, ribbons are not compatible with scooters with Foam Grips - Sprite or Sprite LED, as well as the Mini Deluxe Magic scooter.

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